I started windsurfing when I was 11 on an original windsurfer that my parents borrowed from a friend.  I was immediately hooked by the sense of freedom and fun.  A few years latter, with the help of my parents I started to IMCO, but even at an early age I was heavier then the other competitors, so I always struggled in lighter winds because of the one design rule, one board and one sail (Mistral One Design and 7.4).  Eventually I started to shortboard and immediately loved jumping!

Now, wave sailing, bump and jump, working on freestyle, slalom, or teaching my girlfriend, I just love everything windsurfing!

Born: Feburary 1st, 1985,

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Resides: Victoria, BC

Favorite Spots: My Favorite local spot is Gordon’s Beach about 30kms from where I live on the outskirts of Victoria, BC.  Hood River is great for the endless wind and the town is built on windsurfing.  Heading to the Oregon Coast for Wavesailing.  The place where I have endless sessions although it’s been a few years is Icaraizinho, Brazil! But, I’m still dreaming of sailing Jaws.

Occupation: Entrepreneur and Full Stack Web Developer.  Previously I was a windsurfing Instructor, I ran my own school with a friend on Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, and managed Club Ventos in Icaraizinho , Brazil.  Before that I spent a few years working for Windsure in Vancouver, a great place to take your first steps into windsurfing.

Favorite Food: Chocolate covered banana chips, bison is also a delicious animal, lol.  I enjoy almost all food, especially sea food.

Best Results:
2010 UBC Windsurfing Smack Down Course Race Champion

2004 Canadian Raceboard Champion

Manitoba Windsurfing Champion 2000 – 2008

Interesting Fact: I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2008.  This had made it difficult to windsurf at times, but has also really motivated me to dedicate myself to windsurfing.  not only to lead a healthy lifestyle but enjoy the time and gifts I have.