My biggest windsurfing accomplishments and pitfalls of 2011

Lawrence windsurfing in Icarai
Lawrence windsurfing in Icarai

2011  was a busy year in windsurifng, with many accomplishments and a few pit fall, find out about my biggest wins and losses here.  Here are the 5 biggest things that happened to me in 2011.  Follow the jump to see them all.  Lets hope 2012, bring lots of wind, lots of windsurfing, and no more injuries.  Happy new years!




Merry Christmas 2011

Well I’m still in Icaraizhino Brazil for another 20 days!!  I’ve been windsurfing almost everyday, and getting my forward loops down more on that later.  Things have been pretty quite so I have been windsurfing lots.

Tomorrow most people will be spending time with family, and enjoying the food and holidays.  Its pretty, much another normal day for me here, and will be spending lots of time on the water!  Tonight I’m just going for a big all you can eat Brazil BBQ at Wind Icarai, should be good it always is.
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everybody!

First Week in Icaraizinho Brazil

So after a long flight well 3 and 24 hours in airports I arrived in Fortaleza Airport.  I saw the Club Ventos sign and headed over to the driver.  He Didn’t speak any English, and I didn’t speak any Portuguese, but we soon managed to communicate we where waiting for two more people coming on the transfer to Icaraizinho.   After 3 hours of waiting they finally arrived, but without there bags, after an hour or so of trying to sort that out we where finally on our way.  In about 2 hours we arrived in Icaraizhino, where I was greeted by my boss and a few others from Club Ventos.  Had a quick beer and I was ready to crash.  The high humidity kept me from sleeping the first night but I quickly adjusted.

I’ve been here for just seven days.  The wind has been light, quite unusual weather for here.  I’ve sailed a total of seven days, on sizes from 6.2 to 5.1.  Several days I was under powered.  Today the weather got back on its normal pattern, and looks like it will be increasing over the next few days, and I’m quite excited.  I had my best session on the trip today on a 5.9 throwing big airs of the waves on the reef, working on duck jibes, and even attempting one forward.  Which I should be completing any day now.

The waves on the reef do far have been quite small, but I’ve been told they can get about head high to a little higher.  I can’t wait for that.  Inside the reef there is a nice flat water zone for ripping jibes and working on freestyle maneuvers.

Pictures will come soon, and I’ll work on some video but the internet is quite slow here, and cuts out when ever the phone rings.  So check back for some awesome pictures and videos from a windsurfing paradise!  As well sorry for my possibly horrible grammar and spelling, I think I’m forgetting it even more as I try to learn Brazilian Portuguese.

The Launch of Prairie Ocean Windsurfing!

My friend Ben and I decided to launch a windsurfing school in Manitoba, in hopes of returning it to itsglory days here on the prairies.  A formor windsurfing instructor, used to make 40k + in a summer teaching lessons and selling gear!  That be nice, hello Maui for the winter!!

We’re going to be offering group and private lessonsall summer, so check us out!  If you’re in Manitoba, grab a lesson!

Prairie Ocean Windsurfing

My recent ankle injury captured by my GoPro

Ouch. Captured somewhere in the Outer Banks, NC.

Whats Happing in the World of WindDude – February

It has been a busy little while, been starting my own webdesign company Gnarly Inc.  But things have been going well, and I’m hoping to bring exciting changes to the online windsurfing community, with the WindDude site and a project that will remain top secret for now!!  Check Back for more on that soon!!  Also been working with a friend on a new and cutting edge site for the Manitoba Windsurfing Club, that should be live by spring!!

As you can see we have a new layout on the site, but expect more changes coming over the next few weeks, and months.  Including a video section, more recent updates, room for advertisers and some of my own creations!  The next big change you can expect to see is a new logo!

It has been awhile but I’m super stoked for March I’m going to be participating in Windsurfing Mags Live Board Test, thanks to editor of Windsurfing Mag Josh!! Whoohoo, I can’t wait.  The preliminary plan is to drive down to Hatteras mid March, participate in the first week of board testing, than stay down and ride until Mid-April.  Let me know if you are down in the area at the time and we’ll go for a RIP on the water!

Enjoy, and keep riding,


Expect Big Changes

Expect big changes coming to soon.  Including a new layout, and easy to use user interface.  Some of the things we have planned are,

  • Sweet graphic layout and new logo
  • Regular updates on the windsurfing scene
  • A video section
  • and much more

You can expect to see some changes over the next month.  See you soon.