End of Season Wrap Up – 2011

Crazy 40+ Day at Victoria Beach End of Aug 2011

Crazy 40+ Day at Victoria Beach End of Aug 2011
The Season started in April at the 2011 Windsurfing Magazine Board Tests live.  I had two and a half great weeks of riding brand new light wind gear and sailing with 30other sailors.    Plus I got to stay in some sweet beak front Houses on the Avon Sound. The drive was a killer over 30 hours from Winnipeg to Avon, the way back even worse having to do it with a sprained ankle.

When I returned I had to take a month off the water.  Not a big deal since the season didn’t start for a month.  The ankle was still giving me some problems, and was attending physio often, I hate to admit its not 100% yet,but nothing I can deal with.  Just keeping my fingers crossed I don’t re-injure it.  This was the second injury tot eh same ankle.

Pre Season me and a buddy launched Prairie Ocean Windsurfing, a local windsurfing school to help promote windsurfing in Manitoba.  Over the summer we got some new blood into the sport and helped people improve there skills, plus had a blast.

This was also the first season I dedicated myself to keeping a windsurfing log, had done it before while racing, but never after every session.  This season I recorded a little over 30 sessions, only missing about 5.  I sailed mostly 4.7 – 5.8 with a few session on bigger and a few on smaller.   Most of my time I was riding at Willow Island or Victoria beach where I scored some huge days.  I found the log helped me improve, letting me focus on what I need to work on, and things I did right or wrong during that session. I would deffinitley recomend it to anyone looking to step up there game, and I will for sure keep doing it.

Anyways the Manitoba season is officially over for me, as I’m off to Club Ventos, Icaraizhino Brazil this afternoon.

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My recent ankle injury captured by my GoPro

Ouch. Captured somewhere in the Outer Banks, NC.

Awesome Monday in Vancouver

Monday July 12th Vancouver was rocked with some awesome wind.  Tons of windsurfers hit the water and had a blast.  Check out the Article from the paper of the two unidentified sailors ripping it up, and the crazy graphs from Iwindsurf and Jerichowind.

Continue reading to check out the crazy wind graphs.

Back from the Wave Bash

I’m back from the wave bash, which was awesome, and I’m already looking forward to next year.  The first two days saw awesome winds, I headed out on my 4.7 and was very over powered in my first heat, and managed to score only 1 wave.  The following day saw light winds in the morning and I struggled to make it out to the line up.  But all in all the KA Kult sails performed awesome!

Some of the highlight where watching young Bernd Rodieger rip it up, and score one of the best waves of the whole event.  Kevin Pritchard was also out throwing huge one footed back loops, and Fransisco Goya tearing it up in the finals, Kevin ended up winning the second final heat after Goya edged him out in the first heat with light winds.  One of the biggest highlights for me was when Robby Naish showed up on the second day and was ripping it up and throwing down for the Shadow box jump off.

Full Results can be found here.

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