Lawrence windsurfing in Icarai
Lawrence windsurfing in Icarai

2011  was a busy year in windsurifng, with many accomplishments and a few pit fall, find out about my biggest wins and losses here.  Here are the 5 biggest things that happened to me in 2011.  Follow the jump to see them all.  Lets hope 2012, bring lots of wind, lots of windsurfing, and no more injuries.  Happy new years!





5)  Sprained my ankle for the second time

Lawrence Sprained AnkleAt the end of the board tests live, I stayed in Avon NC, for a few extra planned days freeriding on my own gear.  The first day first hour on the water, I was planning to do a vulcan, hit the chop and “what the hell” I though and tried a flaka.  Snap, the mast hit my ankle, I heard it crack.  The drive home was horrible 30+ hours with my left foot swollen and in a splint.



4)  Attended Windsurfing Magazines Board test live

Headed down for a week and a half to Windsurfing Magazines Board Tests Live in Hatteras, NC.  I ended up staying for close to 3 weeks.  Rode some of the best new lightwind boards, from the ultra wide JP supersport to 106L JP allride.  My favorite was the RRD fireride.





3)  Opened Prairie Ocean Windsurfing

Prairie Ocean windsurfing LogoJoined up with my buddy Ben Peterson to start our windsurfing school in Manitoba.  Run some sweet demo days and had tons fo fun ripping it up on Lake Winnipeg.  Prairie Ocean Windsurfing, rocks!

2)  Took a job at Club Ventos Icaraizhino

About half way through the summer I heard from Club Ventos about a job as head instructor, I had applied while still living in Vancouver the previous winter.   After a few emails and Skype interview, arrangements where made and I was off to Brazil for 3 months.  Its almost over but been an amazing experience and I’ll be back next year.




 1)  Landed My first Forward

I landed my first forward on this year in Icaraizhino on December 14th.  It was around my 10th attempt ever and I landed it!  The only way to describe is fucking unbelievable and I felt super stoked.  Since than I’ve been throwing them much more, and landing more and more of them!