Movie Trailer – Minds wide Open

This is going to be a must see, just like Four Dimensions! The movie features Marcilio Browne, Ricardo Campello, Victor Fernandez, Gollito Estredo, Philip Köster, and Kauli Seadi. With action from all over the world.

From Mides Wide Open:

From the producers of Four Dimensions – prepare to join a bigger and better team on a new journey of breathtaking windsurfing action and cinematography. With a spectrum of mind-bending angles shot in stunning locations. It’s time to taste the future and keep your Minds Wide Open.

Enjoy the trailer, and be sure to check out the whole thing. More info can be found on


Quickly Go Mad- Movie Trailer

Quickly Go Mad is an Australian produced DVD that is a must for anybody into speed sailing.

This video is a landmark in Australian windsurfing as it captures the spirit and character of these humble, yet world class windsurfers who are taking their bodies to the highest speeds possible on windsurfing gear.

A truly entertaining documentary, and an extras section featuring GoPro on board footage of speed runs, and a few stacks.

Windsurfing Speed Sailing DVD

Quickly Go Mad- Movie Trailer from drift media on Vimeo.

You can order the DVD online from Seabreze Shop.

And If you want to go as Fast or Faster than these guys don’t forget to order your KA sails, and AHD boards.