Video: Just Cruisin’ – Session June 28th

On June 28th, we finally scored a long awaited session in Manitoba. It had been weeks without wind and a big southern push brought hot temperatures and winds gusting from 17 to 34 knots. Towards the end of the day I shot this video with my GoPro before the card was full, and I didn’t capture all the action I wanted. I decided to put it together in a quick edit anyways and share it with you, because it was my last session in Manitoba before heading to Brazil for 6 months of windsurfing and instruction in Icaraizinho

Hopefully I’ll be posting a video from Brazil every 2 or 3 weeks. I head down on July 12th so the first video should be shortly after that. I plan to post some sessions as I work on progressing my skills, some instructional videos, and some highlights from guests and pros as they come through. It should be sweet, so check back often.

Naish Chopper, next thing in waves sails??

It looks and sounds sweet, can’t wait to take one for a rip!!  The idea of have a 3 sail quizer and the power right in front sounds perfect!

Slide Show from Brazil 2011

A selection of photos from my Trip to Brazil for 3 months while running a windsurfing school. Not tons of windsurfing shots(But a few sweet ones), so its more of a lifestyle slide show. The pictures are all from Icarazhino and Jericoacoara, and shot with a canon 20D.


10 Biggest Windsurfing News Stories of 2011

Makani Classic 2011
Makani Classic 2011 – Photo by KP

Well 2011 was an awesome year for windsurfing, but every year is!  We`ve got some speed, wave, travel, and top athletes showing us there stuff.  Here is my run down on what I think are the biggest stories from 2011!  Follow the jump for all 10.


2011 Miss Reef Calendar – Video


Gaining Grounds – a free full length windsurfing movie

Gaining grounds is a 30 plus minute windsurfing movie.  Not just about the latest moves, but it follows seven sailors traveling to spots where he/she feels at home.

The producers Manuel Grafenauer and Stefan Csaky followed them on their search for conditions they life for to spots around the globe.

Enjoy the footage of those journeys and discover places like Mauritius, Vienna, Fuerteventura, Lake Neusiedl, Madagascar, the Adriatic Sea and Lake Garda.

Movie Trailer – Minds wide Open

This is going to be a must see, just like Four Dimensions! The movie features Marcilio Browne, Ricardo Campello, Victor Fernandez, Gollito Estredo, Philip Köster, and Kauli Seadi. With action from all over the world.

From Mides Wide Open:

From the producers of Four Dimensions – prepare to join a bigger and better team on a new journey of breathtaking windsurfing action and cinematography. With a spectrum of mind-bending angles shot in stunning locations. It’s time to taste the future and keep your Minds Wide Open.

Enjoy the trailer, and be sure to check out the whole thing. More info can be found on


Retro Windsurfing Goodness – Video

An old school video from Mistral, circa 1980s.

ClubVentos Icaraizinho – Another Watersports Paradise

Club Ventos Icaraizinho really is a windsurfing paradise, and I’m glad to be here. Enjoy the short video featuring local conditions, and the life you can enjoy on vacation or living here for several months.

Jason Polakow presents JAWS (a video short)

Sometimes you watch a video and you`re Jaw drops, this is one of them.  Jason Polakow is a Professional windsurfer, and big wave rider from Australia. Check out the awesome footage of Jason Polakow attacking Jaws hard. The footage was shot March 2011 at Jaws.