Video: Just Cruisin’ – Session June 28th

On June 28th, we finally scored a long awaited session in Manitoba. It had been weeks without wind and a big southern push brought hot temperatures and winds gusting from 17 to 34 knots. Towards the end of the day I shot this video with my GoPro before the card was full, and I didn’t capture all the action I wanted. I decided to put it together in a quick edit anyways and share it with you, because it was my last session in Manitoba before heading to Brazil for 6 months of windsurfing and instruction in Icaraizinho

Hopefully I’ll be posting a video from Brazil every 2 or 3 weeks. I head down on July 12th so the first video should be shortly after that. I plan to post some sessions as I work on progressing my skills, some instructional videos, and some highlights from guests and pros as they come through. It should be sweet, so check back often.

Lake Winnipeg still frozen

Koala by frozen Lake Winnipeg

Its been awhile since I’ve been on the water, actually since the day I left Brazil, which is close to 2 months. I’m getting anxious, and really craving some time on the water to work on some moves! I was up at my lake the yesterday, and it’s still very frozen, although ahead of schedule due to the mild winter and warm spring. Hopefully it will be just a few more weeks!!

Jealous of everyone one who’s out ripping somewhere right now!!