First Ride Back at Club Ventos Icaraizhino

A little bit of riding on my first day after arriving at Club Ventos Icaraizinho, and before I sprained my ankle. Enjoy a few crash while looping! I’ve just gotten back to riding so watch for some more videos soon.

Watch for the next video soon, as I’m back riding after my ankle.

Club Ventos Ride July 24th ft. Wolfgang

The Club Ventos Icaraizhino Ride of the Day for July 24th 2012, featuring Wolfgang, from South Africa, born in Germany.  He is currently on vacation here for about 1 month, and runs Cape Oasis in Cape Town, South Africa.  The video was shot on July 24th, by Lawrence Stewart.

Merry Christmas 2011

Well I’m still in Icaraizhino Brazil for another 20 days!!  I’ve been windsurfing almost everyday, and getting my forward loops down more on that later.  Things have been pretty quite so I have been windsurfing lots.

Tomorrow most people will be spending time with family, and enjoying the food and holidays.  Its pretty, much another normal day for me here, and will be spending lots of time on the water!  Tonight I’m just going for a big all you can eat Brazil BBQ at Wind Icarai, should be good it always is.
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everybody!