Crazy 40+ Day at Victoria Beach End of Aug 2011

Crazy 40+ Day at Victoria Beach End of Aug 2011
The Season started in April at the 2011 Windsurfing Magazine Board Tests live.  I had two and a half great weeks of riding brand new light wind gear and sailing with 30other sailors.    Plus I got to stay in some sweet beak front Houses on the Avon Sound. The drive was a killer over 30 hours from Winnipeg to Avon, the way back even worse having to do it with a sprained ankle.

When I returned I had to take a month off the water.  Not a big deal since the season didn’t start for a month.  The ankle was still giving me some problems, and was attending physio often, I hate to admit its not 100% yet,but nothing I can deal with.  Just keeping my fingers crossed I don’t re-injure it.  This was the second injury tot eh same ankle.

Pre Season me and a buddy launched Prairie Ocean Windsurfing, a local windsurfing school to help promote windsurfing in Manitoba.  Over the summer we got some new blood into the sport and helped people improve there skills, plus had a blast.

This was also the first season I dedicated myself to keeping a windsurfing log, had done it before while racing, but never after every session.  This season I recorded a little over 30 sessions, only missing about 5.  I sailed mostly 4.7 – 5.8 with a few session on bigger and a few on smaller.   Most of my time I was riding at Willow Island or Victoria beach where I scored some huge days.  I found the log helped me improve, letting me focus on what I need to work on, and things I did right or wrong during that session. I would deffinitley recomend it to anyone looking to step up there game, and I will for sure keep doing it.

Anyways the Manitoba season is officially over for me, as I’m off to Club Ventos, Icaraizhino Brazil this afternoon.

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