Lawrence jibing at Gordons

June End Update – Good Windsurfing in Victoria

I’ve been planning to write this update for awhile, but would either get busy looking for jobs, working on projects or the wind would come up and I’d be out windsurfing!  I’ve scored about a dozen sessions on Vancouver Island this June, and Mostly on my 4.7 and 5.3.  The First Session I grabbed was at Cook Street in Downtown Victoria, a bit underpowered on a 5.8.  This was my first session on the water since the fall and my car accident, it wasn’t very long as the wind dropped and my arms were sore.

Lawrence jibing at Gordons
Jibing at Gordons.

The best days I had were no doubt at Gordon’s Beach, which has some of the most reliable winds on Vancouver Island other than Nitnat Lake.  I’ve scored 9 sessions here, from choppy to some nice wind blown swell, where you can score a few backside hits, and good for launching forward loops.  One day  I showed up, see a huge stickered up trailer from Ontario… Phil Soltysaik, his Brother Tom and Austrian Max Matissek were up here work on some video and travel projects for magazines.  Pretty sweet to windsurf around with them, watch them and share a few drinks around a camp fire at Jordan River in the evening.

I also scored one weekend at Nitnat, conditions were good, typical Nitnat, picking up in the afternoon.  I was working on Vulcans and watching Phil, Tom, Alex and Adam busting out Funnels and more latest freestyle moves.  My ulcans were far off, I’ve got to work on a bit of the fear factor, I’ve had a few sprained ankles, and split my shin at Nitnat.  Oh well it’ll come.

Check out the pics below.  Big thanks to my girlfriend, Leah who took a bunch of pics, and Mike Nash from West Coast Captures for a few more.


Wind Dude Rough Cuts – Gordon’s Loop Attempt

A forward loop attempt at Gordon’s Beach, BC on June 6th, 2013. It had been awhile since being on the water, and even longer since looping due to an ankle injury at the start of a three month trip in Brazil. It was fun and gave me a bit of a confidence boost again, to throw a loop in the cold and slightly overpowered conditions.

Winds were blowing from 25 – 30 knots, with some small to med wind blown swell coming in, this was only my second session at the spot since moving to BC.

The mount I used for my GoPro is a $5 mast mount made out of some PVC piping, cheap and has worked great so far.  I’ll share more on that soon.

Waiting for Wind in Victoria


I’ve been in Victoria, BC for just over two weeks now, and still haven’t scored a session. My only consolation is my previous Home Lake of Lake Winnipeg, is still half frozen, crazy and unheard of for the end of May. I’ve tried to go for two sessions. I took a drive out to Jordan river as Magicseaweed was calling for waves from 5 – 6 feet, but I got there to only find ripples on the water. After talking to a local today, Jason from Epic Surf Co, he told me the only reliable forecast for Jordan river is Randy’s which can be found at The next day I attempted to go for a freeride session at Gordon’s Beach in Sooke. Environment Canada was reporting 18 knots near by, but as I drove out, clouds rolled in and it became forecast, wind quickly dropped. I took a walk down the beach and checked out the spot, can’t wait for my first session in Victoria.

So what have I done? Well I built a sweet rack in the garage with the help of my landlord. (Pictured in the above photo). Also been working on some web projects, which should be available soon. If you’re looking for some web work, get in touch with me, or check out my other site, I love working in the windsurfing and SUP industry!

Also I should have  a short video coming soon from my time in Brazil, the rough cuts have been sitting on my hard drive since September!

Fingers crossed for wind and waves soon.