Movie Trailer – Minds wide Open

This is going to be a must see, just like Four Dimensions! The movie features Marcilio Browne, Ricardo Campello, Victor Fernandez, Gollito Estredo, Philip Köster, and Kauli Seadi. With action from all over the world.

From Mides Wide Open:

From the producers of Four Dimensions – prepare to join a bigger and better team on a new journey of breathtaking windsurfing action and cinematography. With a spectrum of mind-bending angles shot in stunning locations. It’s time to taste the future and keep your Minds Wide Open.

Enjoy the trailer, and be sure to check out the whole thing. More info can be found on


Retro Windsurfing Goodness – Video

An old school video from Mistral, circa 1980s.

first gallery of Action shot from Icaraizinho

The First set of action shots from Brazil. A few local Brazilian boys where out throwing some freestyle moves! Still need to get some pics and video of myself, currently working on a short video with the goPro footage so far. Enjoy.

Photos From Icaraizhino Brazil, 28-10-2011

Here are the first photo’s from Brazil.  Enjoy!

Sorry no windsurfing action photos of anyone or myself.  Those will be coming soon, currently working on some awesome action sequences, so check back!!

First Week in Icaraizinho Brazil

So after a long flight well 3 and 24 hours in airports I arrived in Fortaleza Airport.  I saw the Club Ventos sign and headed over to the driver.  He Didn’t speak any English, and I didn’t speak any Portuguese, but we soon managed to communicate we where waiting for two more people coming on the transfer to Icaraizinho.   After 3 hours of waiting they finally arrived, but without there bags, after an hour or so of trying to sort that out we where finally on our way.  In about 2 hours we arrived in Icaraizhino, where I was greeted by my boss and a few others from Club Ventos.  Had a quick beer and I was ready to crash.  The high humidity kept me from sleeping the first night but I quickly adjusted.

I’ve been here for just seven days.  The wind has been light, quite unusual weather for here.  I’ve sailed a total of seven days, on sizes from 6.2 to 5.1.  Several days I was under powered.  Today the weather got back on its normal pattern, and looks like it will be increasing over the next few days, and I’m quite excited.  I had my best session on the trip today on a 5.9 throwing big airs of the waves on the reef, working on duck jibes, and even attempting one forward.  Which I should be completing any day now.

The waves on the reef do far have been quite small, but I’ve been told they can get about head high to a little higher.  I can’t wait for that.  Inside the reef there is a nice flat water zone for ripping jibes and working on freestyle maneuvers.

Pictures will come soon, and I’ll work on some video but the internet is quite slow here, and cuts out when ever the phone rings.  So check back for some awesome pictures and videos from a windsurfing paradise!  As well sorry for my possibly horrible grammar and spelling, I think I’m forgetting it even more as I try to learn Brazilian Portuguese.

On My Way to Icaraizinho Brazil

Leaving today for Icaraizinho Brazil!  I’ll be there for just over 3 months instructing and windsurfing at Club Ventos Icaraizinho.  A little bit about it from the Club Ventos site

Located at 190 Km from Fortaleza, more precise at the West Coast of Ceara State, this little village it’s not yet known by common tourists, but just discovered by kite and windsurfers whom have found this spot, where on-shore wind blows around 20 – 30 knots per day, during almost the whole year.

As there is not much of a night life, what you can expect to do is sailing, go fishing with the natives and rest under the coconut palms. It’s the ultimate vacation!

Icarazinho offers a diverse and amazing windsurfing spot (or spots).  It reminds a lot of Jericoacoara, as both places are situated in bays with specific wave points.  ClubVentos Icarazinho center has its porch right on the beach on the upwind side of the bay, just next to the point.

You will find a big flat water area by the center, which is protected by a reef. During low tide the reef sticks up outside this area and stops nearly all water movement , and you will have the whole bay as a perfect freeride / freestyle area. Most part of the inner bay is waist / shoulder deep which makes it a perfect beginner spot, especially during the mornings with lighter winds. As the tide raises smaller waves appear which are perfect for easy wave practice.

Three minutes upwind sailing from the freeride / freestyle area you will find Icarazinho’s wave spot. A reef, combined with fishermen’s old wood logs creates a break for the more advance waverider / jumper. Brawzinho and Kauli had no problem doing double forwards during our stop here in December.

I’m looking forward to ripping it up!  Feel free to drop me a line if you’re going to be there, or come down and visit!!  Also hoping to have lots of posts from there with videos, and pictures! so check back often!!



Fit for Windsurfing- Part 1

I’m a huge fitness buff, and spend plenty of time in the gym during winter, It’s a very long off season living on the Canadian Prairies.

There is no denying that windsurfing is a demanding sport, so spend some time working out, and I guarantee you will see improved results on the water, from landing that new move, going faster, or just staying out for that extra hour while your friends watch with envy from the beach.

Whats Happing in the World of WindDude – February

It has been a busy little while, been starting my own webdesign company Gnarly Inc.  But things have been going well, and I’m hoping to bring exciting changes to the online windsurfing community, with the WindDude site and a project that will remain top secret for now!!  Check Back for more on that soon!!  Also been working with a friend on a new and cutting edge site for the Manitoba Windsurfing Club, that should be live by spring!!

As you can see we have a new layout on the site, but expect more changes coming over the next few weeks, and months.  Including a video section, more recent updates, room for advertisers and some of my own creations!  The next big change you can expect to see is a new logo!

It has been awhile but I’m super stoked for March I’m going to be participating in Windsurfing Mags Live Board Test, thanks to editor of Windsurfing Mag Josh!! Whoohoo, I can’t wait.  The preliminary plan is to drive down to Hatteras mid March, participate in the first week of board testing, than stay down and ride until Mid-April.  Let me know if you are down in the area at the time and we’ll go for a RIP on the water!

Enjoy, and keep riding,


10 Reasons Why Windsurfing Has Earned Its Place in The Olympic Games

Here is a short roundup why every proposed slate for the 10 sailing medals should include windsurfing.

10 Reasons Why Windsurfing Has Earned Its Place in The Olympic Games.

Kiteboarders and windsurfers battle themselves in the internet

Both wind sports are playing tough games in unstable soil. The International Olympic Committee might refuse both classes in the Games if the fight escalades.

via Kiteboarders and windsurfers battle themselves in the internet.