Board Repair: Replacing a broken slot boxes for US boxes

After hitting a few logs while sailing and frustrated with blowing through the bottom of slot boxes, and the lack of unavailability, I decided to upgrade my Starboard Kode Wave Twin board to US boxes.

This repair took me way to long, mostly because of the colder winter than usual and not wanting to keep my shop heated on the cold days. Here’s the basics of what I did, I’m by no means a pro, but I’ve repaired a few boards for myself, and at windsurfing centers as an instructor.


Kelly Slater: It’s Not Ok

Kelly Slater has an important message for everyone, “It’s not OK to remain unaware. It’s not OK to ruin the natural world.”.

First Columbia Beach Session of the Year

Just a quick little edit I made for Instagram with my GoPro and homemade mast mount, it’s good to be throwing loops again even if I’m not landing them like I used too. Hopefully I shoot a bunch more video this winter!

2016 AWT Pistol River Wave Bash

I just finished 10 days on the amazing Oregon Coast, although I only scored 4 of them while I was there. Great people and the 2016 Pistol River Wave Bash, a great contest made the trip! You can check my b\buddies’ and PWA pro, Phil Soltysiak’s write up on the event.

I didn’t finish as well as I hoped, but am I already looking forward to next year. The highlight of the trip was a great day at the Gold Beach South Jetty. Time to train and work on wave selection and timing on the wave for next year.

More Details on the 2016 Beach Bash on the AWT site

The Ho’okipa Dream

I had been dreaming about sailing Ho’okipa since I started windsurfing around 12 years old. I remember watching the video “Ho’okipa Chronicles” and scoring those sweet waves! Well after about 20 years of dreaming I scored my session!

Time to work on some Freestyle

It’s time to work on some freestyle. I picked a great board, a 105L 2011 Goya X1 up from classifieds, only shipped all the way from Ontario. Should be a great board for the summer conditions around Victoria and at Nitnat lake.

Storm Season Rolls into Vancouver Island in Full Effect

Storm season has rolled into Vancouver Island in full effect, cancelled ferries, power outages, rain and lots wind. All good news for us wind boarders. It might be in part due to my change in work status, but I’ve scored more amazing sessions this fall and winter then I did over the summer.

Columbia beach north of Parksville has delivered many days over the few weeks, and I even missed a few of them. And it’s been delivering some of the best and most challenging conditions I’ve seen, with nice waves, but 25-50 knot winds, making it difficult to nail jibes on the outside.

A local sailor know as “Dunkinguy” throws a port forward coming over the wave and lands on the lip in 40-45 knots.

There have also been the odd day here and there at a secret point break that can deliver world class down the line wavesailing a couple times a year. The best looking day was last Sunday, a forecast of 30 knots winds and 27 foot swell. Sadly the winds missed the south Island and only swell rolled in which made for some amazing double to triple overhead swell. Also on this day winds and swell hit Tofino in Full effect and two windsurfer from Vancouver, Ryan and Jen, scored big time. View the full gallery of the epic Tofino storm sailing here.

Lets hope this stormy trend continues, I could go for a weekly session at least!

Oregon Summer 2015

Better late then never!

Towards the end of July, Leah, Kaia (Our Dog) and I headed down to Oregon for a little over a week of windsurfing in Hood River and the Oregon Coast.  We hit a massive heat wave of 40c, and some awesome winds gusting to 40knots while we where in Hood River. By the time we headed to the coast the heat had killed the wind and I only managed one marginal day in Florence.


2015 Spring and Summer Update

A little update before heading to the Oregon Coast and Hood river in a just under a week. This summer and spring have only seen a few trips to Nitnat, 1 quick trip to Hood River, which was pretty much a skunk, and a couple Gordon’s Beach sessions, so already a better start then last year. The most exciting thing is the girlfriend has just started to learn!

Here’s to hoping the 40c+ 105f temps in the next week in Hood River bring some wind followed by some wind and waves on the coast.

Board Repair – Fixing A Rail Crack

Board damage happens, it’s part of windsurfing, someone once told me “if you aren’t pushing yourself far enough to fall you aren’t pushing yourself far enough to improve”, unless you’ve seen a shark! This particular crack on my AHD concept wave happened while getting crunched by a wave set on the mast.

I’ve become quite handy at repairs. Years of teaching windsurfing at resorts and schools, plus my own gear which I would often find damaged from travel and abuse have given me lots of experience. However I feel most windsurfers can do a basic repair on there own, if you’re not comfortable oo looking for perfection take it to a pro!

Here a brief over view of the repair steps.

Sand and prep the area


  • Sand the area along the cracks, be sure to sand to the end of the cracks
  • Find soft spots and drill holes just through the damaged foam
    • this is done to prevent delamination by allowing filler compound into the board
  • sand holes again
  • clean all epoxy and loose material from area and holes

Cover area with filler coat


  • Mix Epoxy and add micro ballons until the epoxy has a stiff texture
  • Apply mixed epoxy to board with rubber squeegee, be sure to fill all the holes
  • be sure the filler is above the curve of the board

Sand Filler coat


  • Once the filler coat has dried sand it smooth, 80 grit sandpaper should do the trick quickly
  • Sanding is important here, as any defects will be visible through the glass and paint

Glass the area

20140501_181903 (1)

  • Glass the area with 8oz fiberglass cloth
  • I find it best to gently pull the epoxy out from the center of the glass towards the edge
  • Allow epoxy to dry
  • sand and feather the edge of the repair to blend
  • Hot Coat – mix a small amount of epoxy, use a foam brush to apply a coat of epoxy over the repair
  • Sand the hot coat



  • Clean the area with a bit of denatured alcohol (this removes any wax and grease)
  • Use automotive spray paint matching the color as closely as possible
  • I sanded the gray to take a bit of the gloss off



  • a bit of touch of graphics for the black and white, plus some re-deck and the job is done!