First Columbia Beach Session of the Year

Just a quick little edit I made for Instagram with my GoPro and homemade mast mount, it’s good to be throwing loops again even if I’m not landing them like I used too. Hopefully I shoot a bunch more video this winter!

Desperate Sessions – Wind Dude Claims 30 foot face

Lawrence ‘Wind Dude’ Stewart rode and claimed a massive 30 foot face on December 20th, 2013 near Victoria, BC. Possibly the first person to ever ride this break at this size.

It had been a long few weeks with little wind on Vancouver Island, finally the forecast was looking good for December 20th, strong Westerly winds in the Afternoon and building swell. Unfortunately conditions didn’t materialize as expected, but when a door closes a window opens. That window for Lawrence was a rare opportunity to ride this elusive break, check out the resulting video.

The above is clearly satire. But do to a lack of conditions and being unable to get the the beach in the morning I grabbed some old gear and made this little video. Enjoy!

Windsurfing Into the Unknown – Vancouver Island

Check out this clip as a couple PWA freestylers hit up Vancouver Island.

Max Matissek joined Philip Soltysiak on a Windsurfing Into the Unknown adventure on Vancouver Island, Canada. Joined by Phil’s younger brother Tom, they camped and searched for windsurfing spots few have ever heard of in the summer of 2013.

The two professional windsurfers and seasoned travelers have been to some of the best windsurfing destinations around the world, and it was now a chance for Canada’s West Coast to prove it’s worthiness as a destination for adventure windsurfers. The trip took the riders from Jordan River and Gordon’s Beach, across to Port Renfrew, into Lake Cowichan and Nitinat Lake, to Port Alberni and finishing off on the Pacific coast in Tofino. All the while the team camped in the island’s Pacific Temperate Rain Forest, cooking and keeping warm with a campfire, and trying to keep wildlife away from their food.

A Look a Surf Toursim

Travel and tourism greatly impact developing countries. I’ve seen quite a bit with relatively little travel. Hotels in Mexico left abandoned half way through development to towns built around windsurfing and kiteboarding in Brazil. Problems included packed with tourist on and off the water, and garbage littering the beach, surprisingly a lot of garbage was from local tourists. I’ve also experienced bad sewage run off and pollution in first World locations.

This video “Surfing for Change: Travel Guide To Nicaragua” by Kyle Thiermann takes a look at sustainable surf tourism in Nicaragua, and a brief look at some of the issues that plagued other spots. What I found really interesting with the theory of the evolution of a tourism spot. From the trailblazers, to backpackers, followed mainstream travel and then followed at some point by a decline.

You can find out more at

I’m in no way associated with Surfing for Change but definitely support sustainable tourism.

Pool Windsurfing

This is a bit of a throwback from a few years ago.

A little windsurfing in a beach front pool in Hatteras North Carolina, during the 2011 Windsurfing Magazine Board tests. Good memories!

You can check out the full video here.

Backloop Carnage Video

As promised in my July end update, here is my back loop carnage video from July 9th.

It was a good day at Gordon’s Beach on Vancouver Island. June 9th, 2013 served up some small but steep rams and fully to over powered winds on my KA Kult 4.7, and 88L Mental Custom. A fun day for working on backloops, I’ve still got a ways to go, some are beetter then other, but it was tons of fun! Here’s a compilation of many of my attempts from that day.

KA in the beginning

An early look at KA Sails, from a TV piece from the early ’90s’.

Slide Show from Brazil Aug 1st 2012

A selection of photos from Club Ventos Icaraizinho Brazil, shot in the last half of July by Lawrence Stewart and Jakub Kalinowski.

First Ride Back at Club Ventos Icaraizhino

A little bit of riding on my first day after arriving at Club Ventos Icaraizinho, and before I sprained my ankle. Enjoy a few crash while looping! I’ve just gotten back to riding so watch for some more videos soon.

Watch for the next video soon, as I’m back riding after my ankle.

Club Ventos Ride July 24th ft. Wolfgang

The Club Ventos Icaraizhino Ride of the Day for July 24th 2012, featuring Wolfgang, from South Africa, born in Germany.  He is currently on vacation here for about 1 month, and runs Cape Oasis in Cape Town, South Africa.  The video was shot on July 24th, by Lawrence Stewart.