Oregon Summer 2015

Better late then never!

Towards the end of July, Leah, Kaia (Our Dog) and I headed down to Oregon for a little over a week of windsurfing in Hood River and the Oregon Coast.  We hit a massive heat wave of 40c, and some awesome winds gusting to 40knots while we where in Hood River. By the time we headed to the coast the heat had killed the wind and I only managed one marginal day in Florence.


2015 Spring and Summer Update

A little update before heading to the Oregon Coast and Hood river in a just under a week. This summer and spring have only seen a few trips to Nitnat, 1 quick trip to Hood River, which was pretty much a skunk, and a couple Gordon’s Beach sessions, so already a better start then last year. The most exciting thing is the girlfriend has just started to learn!

Here’s to hoping the 40c+ 105f temps in the next week in Hood River bring some wind followed by some wind and waves on the coast.