Waiting for wind at Grand beach Lagoon, April 6th 2012

On April 6th, 2012, I headed out to Grand Beach Lagoon, one of the only open bodies of water around me.  The forecast was calling for around 20 knots.    Now normally I’m on the water in Manitoba around the start of May, so this was more than 1 month early, but we have been having unusually warm  for the season.

So I headed out with decent expectations, maybe blast around, throw a few duck jibes and speed loops.  I got there around 11:00 Am, no one was there yet, not expecting a huge turn out.  Waited a little bit and rigged my gear slowly, as the wind started to build and drop.  I called a buddy to see if he was on his way, he was figuring out a foot strap on his board still in the city.

Eventually I headed on the water, the wind was still very up and down, and the water cold!  It wasn’t enough to plane on my 5.8 and Freestyle board, so I headed back to shore.   I waited on shore as the wind would pick up and than drop off.  Finally I decided to go in a gust, it was not quite enough, and pumped to get planning a few times back and forth, a few people had shown up now for sure thinking what is this guy doing he must be freezing!! (PS any wet suit manufactures reading this, hit me up!!  I need a new suit or 2!).  After 30 minutes headed back into shore to call it a day, there simply wasn’t enough wind.

I`m looking forward to the next session!!  But looks like it`s going to have to wait as temps have gone back to cold, minus -15 C last night.