The event saw some light winds.  But I think everyone had fun.  The racing saw four fleets of four all racing on Konas.  The Top two advanced to the Semis and So on for a final heat of Four Which I managed to win.  The Lightwind Freestyle saw a similar format with four riders on the water at a time, the top two decided by crowd Applause.  The winner for Freestyle was Marty Uhl.  A big thanks to UBC for organizing the event and Windsport Magazine for subscriptions to the winners, oh and DJ Sarah for the beats.  Can’t wait until the next one!

Continue Reading for Pictures from the event.

Ryan Sailing a Log before the event Began
Some light windfreestyle
Event Headquarters
The Beach and Gear
The Beach and Gear
An all Kona Startline
Pumping to the Beach to Win The races