Enjoy this sweet video from the Gorge Jump off, brought to you by the guys from Epic sessions and Windsurfing Magazine. If you’re not familiar with the Jump off format, basically riders throw down the biggest aerial maneuvers they can. The Shadowbox records and measure the height, speed and rotation of the aerials. Who wins? Whoever goes biggest! And you got to stick that landing.  Enjoy!

Full results and even more awesome videos can be found on EpicSessions.tv.  So check it out!

Back from the Wave Bash

I’m back from the wave bash, which was awesome, and I’m already looking forward to next year.  The first two days saw awesome winds, I headed out on my 4.7 and was very over powered in my first heat, and managed to score only 1 wave.  The following day saw light winds in the morning and I struggled to make it out to the line up.  But all in all the KA Kult sails performed awesome!

Some of the highlight where watching young Bernd Rodieger rip it up, and score one of the best waves of the whole event.  Kevin Pritchard was also out throwing huge one footed back loops, and Fransisco Goya tearing it up in the finals, Kevin ended up winning the second final heat after Goya edged him out in the first heat with light winds.  One of the biggest highlights for me was when Robby Naish showed up on the second day and was ripping it up and throwing down for the Shadow box jump off.

Full Results can be found here.

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Windsurfing Smack Down Recap

The event saw some light winds.  But I think everyone had fun.  The racing saw four fleets of four all racing on Konas.  The Top two advanced to the Semis and So on for a final heat of Four Which I managed to win.  The Lightwind Freestyle saw a similar format with four riders on the water at a time, the top two decided by crowd Applause.  The winner for Freestyle was Marty Uhl.  A big thanks to UBC for organizing the event and Windsport Magazine for subscriptions to the winners, oh and DJ Sarah for the beats.  Can’t wait until the next one!

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