Backloop Carnage Video

As promised in my July end update, here is my back loop carnage video from July 9th.

It was a good day at Gordon’s Beach on Vancouver Island. June 9th, 2013 served up some small but steep rams and fully to over powered winds on my KA Kult 4.7, and 88L Mental Custom. A fun day for working on backloops, I’ve still got a ways to go, some are beetter then other, but it was tons of fun! Here’s a compilation of many of my attempts from that day.

Gaining Grounds – a free full length windsurfing movie

Gaining grounds is a 30 plus minute windsurfing movie.  Not just about the latest moves, but it follows seven sailors traveling to spots where he/she feels at home.

The producers Manuel Grafenauer and Stefan Csaky followed them on their search for conditions they life for to spots around the globe.

Enjoy the footage of those journeys and discover places like Mauritius, Vienna, Fuerteventura, Lake Neusiedl, Madagascar, the Adriatic Sea and Lake Garda.

ClubVentos Icaraizinho – Another Watersports Paradise

Club Ventos Icaraizinho really is a windsurfing paradise, and I’m glad to be here. Enjoy the short video featuring local conditions, and the life you can enjoy on vacation or living here for several months.

The Island Boys Movie

This movies is absolutely incredible.  Enjoy!

The Island Boys Movie from sofamovielab on Vimeo.

A freestyle movie about the world best riders living on Bonaire. In January we met up with Kiri Thode, Tonky and Taty Frans, Caesar Finies and friends to have a great time on the water. During the first sessions we thought about doing a new project. And this is the result after almost 3 weeks working together with four freestylecracks and their friends. And not only the freestyleaction is present on the film…


Relentless Energy’s Short Stories competition beings with ‘The Dark Side Of The Lens’, a short film from renowned surf photographer Mickey Smith.

Phil Soltysiak destroys Lake Erie

Check out this awesome video of Phil Soltysaik ripping it up in Sherkston, on the Eastern end of Lake Erie. Aside from he fact that hes ridding with the sail number I used to race with, he is destroying it! And representing Canada well on the PWA with a recent finish of 6th overall on the PWA! This video is awesome and really shows how sweet big lake sailing can be.

Phil Soltysiak rips Sherkston… a cool spot at the eastern end of Lake Erie.


Enjoy this sweet video from the Gorge Jump off, brought to you by the guys from Epic sessions and Windsurfing Magazine. If you’re not familiar with the Jump off format, basically riders throw down the biggest aerial maneuvers they can. The Shadowbox records and measure the height, speed and rotation of the aerials. Who wins? Whoever goes biggest! And you got to stick that landing.  Enjoy!

Full results and even more awesome videos can be found on  So check it out!

Pistol River Wave Bash Final Vid

Check out this final video from the pistol river wave bash, as Kevin Pritchard and Fransico Goya Throw down!! See the action just like you were there!!  You gotta wonder how Kevin competed and filmed at the same time :s, I think he owes props to his girlfriend on this one, Enjoy!

Pistol River.. The Super Final from Kevin Pritchard.

Make sure you check the action out live next year, the whole event was great!

The best catapult ever in the history of the universe

As seen on This almost looks to funny to be true.  Enjoy.