You might be a windsurfing beach bum if…

…Your van consistently smells like wetsuit.

…You traded in your sports car for a van.

…The Gear inside your van is worth more than thevan itself.

…You’re in your god damn 20s and driving a friggin mini van!

…Your most visted website is a windservice, other people your age its porn.

…You’ve spent money on equipment, than thought hmmm, how am I getting home, I have no gas.

…You’ve gone on a windsurfing trip not sure if you have money to make the journey both ways, but some how you make it and it was F*cking awesome!!

…You’re reading this, or got bored of reading this and watching videos of pros!


The best catapult ever in the history of the universe

As seen on This almost looks to funny to be true.  Enjoy.