Makani Classic 2011
Makani Classic 2011 – Photo by KP

Well 2011 was an awesome year for windsurfing, but every year is!  We`ve got some speed, wave, travel, and top athletes showing us there stuff.  Here is my run down on what I think are the biggest stories from 2011!  Follow the jump for all 10.


10)  Kevin Pritchard Shows Kiteboarding who the top dog is

It happened almost a year ago, and the 2012 Lord of the wind showdown is about to begin.  But in January 2011 Kevin Pritchard kite some kiteboarding butt on the race course!





9)  American Windsurf tour – The American Windsurfing Tour runs a full year of stops.

Sam of AWT

The 2011 AWT was a huge success, and the first year since 1999(correct me if I`m wrong) that they have done a full tour.   Turn out was a huge success with Santa Cruz had 76 competitors, Pistol River had 86, San Carlos 25, and Maui a whopping 107 competitors. Unfortunately the Hatteras Wave Jam was canceled due to Hurricane Irene.  And 2012 is looking good as well!!




 8)  Philip Köster wins PWA Wave world Title

Philip Koster

Philip Koster the 17 year old from Germany beat Roberto Campello to become the PWA Wave world title holder in 2011.







7)  Boujmaa Guilloul Get badly injured during his triple forward attempt

5 & 6)  2 Magazines close doors

Two magazines closed there doors, thats two huge stories for 5 and 6.  Uk based Boards and US based Windsurfing Magazine both close doors.  While the UK Boards magazine is still producing two print issues a year Windsurfing Magazine suspended production indefinitely.






4)  The year of athletes moving sponsorships.

So many athletes moved sponsorship this year.  Marcilio Browne leaves Fanatic. Finian Maynard and Peter Volwater will ride on the new Avanti Sails.    Legend  Antoine Albeau will be ridding RRD boards now.  And many more but these are the big ones, with details still yet to be confirmed.







3)  Jason Polakow becomes first windsurf to ever ride Fiji’s legendary Cloud Break

Check out more of the story and photos at






 2)   Anders Bringdal hits 50.72 knots

Although not the first time windsurfer broke the 50 knot barrier this year.  The first windsurfer to break the 50 knot barrier was Martin van Meurs.  This October in in Luderitz, Namibia, Anders Bringdal set the World Record VMax of 50.72 knots.   Bringing us steps closer to setting a official 500M record of +50 knots.  Things are looking promising.

1)  Windsurfing Returns to Ho’okipa.

Windsurfing never really left Ho’okipa, just contests. But the AWT brought a contest back to Ho’okipa, and it was a huge success, enjoy the video from the last day of contest there.  The event is back there again next October, and maybe things are looking up for the return of a PWA event to this famed spot!