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Free Windsurfing Wallpapers

We all like to have our background looking sweet showing off sweet windsurfing pics to show how cool our sport is to colleges and friends, or just look at when you’re board of working! :). Manufactures and magazines produce some awesome high quality wall papers for your desktop or laptop.

Here’s a list of some of the best sources I could find:

The Daily Dose Wallpapers – A huge collection of wall papers, but the site is in German.

Windsurfing Mag Wallpapers – Several high quality action shot wallpapers.  Where several of my backgrounds come from!

My current desktop background, from Windsurfing Mag


Follow the Winds Wallpapers – Some pretty cool wall papers here!!

Tabou Boards Wallpapers –  A large collection of cool freestyle and wave shots from Tabou!  Definitely check it out if your a Tabou or freestley fan. With some of the nicest action shots I’ve seen!

Bic sports windsurfing wallpapers – 7 cool wallpapers from Bic.

Gun Sails windsurfing wallpapers – Some nice shots! even a few sexy ones!

What do you mean it doesn't look windy?

Severne Sails Windsurfing wallpapers – About 40 wallpapers from Severne, and some very nice shots in there!

JP Australia windsurfing wallpapers – A definite spot to check out if you’re into big wave riding or JP!  With awesome shots of Jaws, Western Australia and Teahupoo.

Starboard windsurfing wallpapers – A huge gallery with almost a shot of every product in there lineup.  All the photos are by renound windsurfing photographers John Carter and Howie Choo, so you know there good.

Gaastra windsurfing wallpapers – A nice gallery selection of wallpapers from almost every discipline.

Carbon Art Windsurf Wallpapers – A few select images from carbon art.

I doubt I’ve covered them all and probably missed some great ones! Please share your wallpapers in the comments below.

Awesome Monday in Vancouver

Monday July 12th Vancouver was rocked with some awesome wind.  Tons of windsurfers hit the water and had a blast.  Check out the Article from the paper of the two unidentified sailors ripping it up, and the crazy graphs from Iwindsurf and Jerichowind.

Continue reading to check out the crazy wind graphs.

Sun Settin over Pacific Ocean From Jericho Sailing Center

An Sweet Wednesday Evening

This Wednesday some some pretty good winds at at night at Jericho Beach.  And I got to go for a little play after My level one lesson.  After words The Sun Set Which was sweet, and I snapped this pic.

Sun Settin over Pacific Ocean From Jericho Sailing Center
Sun Settin over Pacific Ocean From Jericho Sailing Center