My recent ankle injury captured by my GoPro

Ouch. Captured somewhere in the Outer Banks, NC.

Whats Happing in the World of WindDude – February

It has been a busy little while, been starting my own webdesign company Gnarly Inc.  But things have been going well, and I’m hoping to bring exciting changes to the online windsurfing community, with the WindDude site and a project that will remain top secret for now!!  Check Back for more on that soon!!  Also been working with a friend on a new and cutting edge site for the Manitoba Windsurfing Club, that should be live by spring!!

As you can see we have a new layout on the site, but expect more changes coming over the next few weeks, and months.  Including a video section, more recent updates, room for advertisers and some of my own creations!  The next big change you can expect to see is a new logo!

It has been awhile but I’m super stoked for March I’m going to be participating in Windsurfing Mags Live Board Test, thanks to editor of Windsurfing Mag Josh!! Whoohoo, I can’t wait.  The preliminary plan is to drive down to Hatteras mid March, participate in the first week of board testing, than stay down and ride until Mid-April.  Let me know if you are down in the area at the time and we’ll go for a RIP on the water!

Enjoy, and keep riding,


Awesome Monday in Vancouver

Monday July 12th Vancouver was rocked with some awesome wind.  Tons of windsurfers hit the water and had a blast.  Check out the Article from the paper of the two unidentified sailors ripping it up, and the crazy graphs from Iwindsurf and Jerichowind.

Continue reading to check out the crazy wind graphs.

Back from the Wave Bash

I’m back from the wave bash, which was awesome, and I’m already looking forward to next year.  The first two days saw awesome winds, I headed out on my 4.7 and was very over powered in my first heat, and managed to score only 1 wave.  The following day saw light winds in the morning and I struggled to make it out to the line up.  But all in all the KA Kult sails performed awesome!

Some of the highlight where watching young Bernd Rodieger rip it up, and score one of the best waves of the whole event.  Kevin Pritchard was also out throwing huge one footed back loops, and Fransisco Goya tearing it up in the finals, Kevin ended up winning the second final heat after Goya edged him out in the first heat with light winds.  One of the biggest highlights for me was when Robby Naish showed up on the second day and was ripping it up and throwing down for the Shadow box jump off.

Full Results can be found here.

Follow the Jump for Kevin Pritchards awesome Vids! (more…)

Sun Settin over Pacific Ocean From Jericho Sailing Center

An Sweet Wednesday Evening

This Wednesday some some pretty good winds at at night at Jericho Beach.  And I got to go for a little play after My level one lesson.  After words The Sun Set Which was sweet, and I snapped this pic.

Sun Settin over Pacific Ocean From Jericho Sailing Center
Sun Settin over Pacific Ocean From Jericho Sailing Center