Desperate Sessions – Wind Dude Claims 30 foot face

Lawrence ‘Wind Dude’ Stewart rode and claimed a massive 30 foot face on December 20th, 2013 near Victoria, BC. Possibly the first person to ever ride this break at this size.

It had been a long few weeks with little wind on Vancouver Island, finally the forecast was looking good for December 20th, strong Westerly winds in the Afternoon and building swell. Unfortunately conditions didn’t materialize as expected, but when a door closes a window opens. That window for Lawrence was a rare opportunity to ride this elusive break, check out the resulting video.

The above is clearly satire. But do to a lack of conditions and being unable to get the the beach in the morning I grabbed some old gear and made this little video. Enjoy!

Wind Dude Rough Cuts – Gordon’s Loop Attempt

A forward loop attempt at Gordon’s Beach, BC on June 6th, 2013. It had been awhile since being on the water, and even longer since looping due to an ankle injury at the start of a three month trip in Brazil. It was fun and gave me a bit of a confidence boost again, to throw a loop in the cold and slightly overpowered conditions.

Winds were blowing from 25 – 30 knots, with some small to med wind blown swell coming in, this was only my second session at the spot since moving to BC.

The mount I used for my GoPro is a $5 mast mount made out of some PVC piping, cheap and has worked great so far.  I’ll share more on that soon.