Kelly Slater: It’s Not Ok

Kelly Slater has an important message for everyone, “It’s not OK to remain unaware. It’s not OK to ruin the natural world.”.

10 Biggest Windsurfing News Stories of 2011

Makani Classic 2011
Makani Classic 2011 – Photo by KP

Well 2011 was an awesome year for windsurfing, but every year is!  We`ve got some speed, wave, travel, and top athletes showing us there stuff.  Here is my run down on what I think are the biggest stories from 2011!  Follow the jump for all 10.


Vote for Windsurfing 2016 – NeilPryde Racing

This is Windsurfing

The men’s windsurfing event has been a part of the Olympic Sailing Regatta since 1984. The women joined them in 1992. Now it’s time for ISAF to select the events for the 2016 Olympic Regatta and windsurfing has to fight to retain it’s two sets of medals. As always there are more bidders than there are places. With your help, we can hook in and hold on.

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Fit for Windsurfing- Part 1

I’m a huge fitness buff, and spend plenty of time in the gym during winter, It’s a very long off season living on the Canadian Prairies.

There is no denying that windsurfing is a demanding sport, so spend some time working out, and I guarantee you will see improved results on the water, from landing that new move, going faster, or just staying out for that extra hour while your friends watch with envy from the beach.

2010 A-H-D Seal

A-H-D Seal

the ultimate surf sailing wave board pure surfing conditions and on medium quality waves

A-H-D Seal
A-H-D Seal

For 2010, we have refreshed the concept with one single volume and a fully redesigned shape, which retains the original Seal’s qualities and improves on the booming speed and maneuverability in lower wind forces and sail-surfing conditions or soft waves:

The outline and bottom shape have been designed to shoot-out at the first foot pressure and keep accelerating where a traditional wave-board peaks out. Balance, stability and aptitude to re-locate in non-planning mode:  Get quickly back to the peak; keep your feet in the straps, get-up and plane at the first puff.


–  Very compact outline: reactivity, stability, carrying power, control

–  Outline inversed aft: grip, precise curves, radical maneuvers, control

–  Optimized width/thickness ratio: a slightly wider but thinner board.

–  Double concave bottom: long and slightly hollowed, to increase speed potential.

–  Slight Vee on the whole length: to improve control and maneuverability.

–  Thin rails: added surfing capability, radical maneuvers, control,

–  Curved scoop-line, straightened aft with a slight « Tail Kick »:  speed, maneuverability, nervousness

–  Thrusters: this has been the « must-have » configuration in surfing for years! It means speed, preciseness, maneuverability, control

In higher wind forces:

Its outline is inversed aft, which hangs-on better and offers more grip and tighter more precise- curves. The thruster fins slice through the water without failing under foot pressure.

In lower wind forces:

Excellent « strapless » performance has been a key target of this new shape, with an ability to turn at slow speeds and remain flat on the water in the lightest conditions.

« Strapless » sailing, is exhilarating, it will help you improve our surfing and develop a better feet stance!

No wind:

Thanks to its full deck-pad, this board is both comfortable and resistant and it has a leash-plug, so why not try surfing in dead-calms?  Playful and highly performing, the new Seal breaks all surfing barriers, with or

Without a sail, with or without foot-straps, with or without wind!

  • Model Seal 90
  • Volume (liters) 90
  • Width (cm) 61
  • One foot off (cm) 41
  • Length (cm) 215
  • Weight (kg) 6,7
  • Fins (cm) Kit thruster 15-11-11
  • Recom. Size. (cm) 15-23cm
  • Recom sails. (sqm) 4.0 / 6.5